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  • Aishibao High Quality Engineering Case: Foshan Metro Line 2 and Line 3, SS bathroom vanity shines the light of quality in the subtle place

Aishibao High Quality Engineering Case: Foshan Metro Line 2 and Line 3, SS bathroom vanity shines the light of quality in the subtle place


Stainless steel bathroom vanity is widely used in life because of its diverse styles, strong and durable, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, and is increasingly loved by people. As a leading brand in the stainless steel industry, Aishibao Sanitary Ware is deeply engaged in the research and development and design of stainless steel sanitary ware. The series of stainless steel bathroom cabinet products launched by Aishibao not only lead the trend of the market, but also win the recognition of domestic consumers, which is widely praised by the industry, and also get the favor of many excellent projects. Among them is Foshan Metro Line 2 and Line 3, which are used very frequently and have strict quality requirements.

 ss bathroom vanity

Aishibao High Quality Engineering Case

The first phase of Foshan Metro Line 2 is 32.41 kilometers long and has 17 stations. It will officially open its external service in August 2022. Foshan Metro Line 3, with a total length of 69.5 kilometers, has 37 stations. By the end of June 2022, eight stations have completed the transfer of three power stations. The male and female toilets and the bathroom cabinets in the maternal and infant room of subway Line 2 and Line 3 are all made of Asbo stainless steel sanitary ware.

stainless steel bathroom vanity 

Subway, as an important means of transportation in the city, brings great convenience to people's life and becomes the first choice for many people to travel. As a result, there is a large flow of people in the subway station, and the use frequency of public facilities is high, which puts forward higher requirements for the environmental maintenance and the quality of supplies in the station. This also means that the subway construction material requirements are very strict, in line with the design requirements, but also to meet the national quality standards, and must be accepted once. Through the bidding of Duolun, with its high-quality products and rich project experience, Astral finally became the brand of choice for the bathroom cabinets of men's and women's bathrooms and maternal and child rooms of Foshan Metro Line 2 and 3.

 stainless steel bathroom cabinet

Win with quality and establish a career with precision


In the competition of high specification engineering projects, quality is the first element of the product. Asbo stainless steel customized bathroom is able to reach the Foshan subway station public toilet standards, the decisive role is the enterprise in the quality of the "hard strength". Its products are not only diverse in style, unique in design, but also strong in stability, high density, heavy weight, after electroplating and polishing, do not peel off, do not fade, in the wet environment is not easy to rust, beautiful, durable, better care, very suitable for use in public places such as Foshan subway station toilet. The excellent performance in quality is one of the reasons why Asbo has become a brand of Foshan subway station toilet engineering.

 ss bathroom vanity

Rich project experience, well recognized by users


In fact, Foshan subway line 2 and Line 3 is not the first time that Espoo Sanitary Ware has entered the engineering field. Deep in the industry for nearly ten years, the cases of Asbo stainless steel sanitary ware projects are all over Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming, Guiyang, Shenzhen, Hainan, Huizhou, Jiangmen, Dali, Tengchong, Xishuangbanna and other places. In the process of cooperation with the project side, Astral can keep up with the project progress, efficiently cooperate to solve the problems in the process of the project, and ensure the smooth completion of the project progress on time. With rich experience in project cooperation, Astral has been widely recognized by the construction side.

 stainless steel bathroom vanity

Over the years to adhere to the original intention, good products, Astral stainless steel sanitary ware has always been "quality first, reputation first" as the business philosophy, adhering to the "excellence, all for the customer" attitude, innovative technology, adhere to sustainable development, has become a stainless steel custom sanitary ware field worthy of the benchmark.

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