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  • Light luxury style, ideal life! Aishibao Keller Series SS bathroom vanity appreciation

Light luxury style, ideal life! Aishibao Keller Series SS bathroom vanity appreciation


Light luxury is a kind of life style that pursues quality, which represents individuals' pursuit of high-quality life details.

What splendor will light luxury and bathroom meet?

Aishibao Keller Series stainless steel bathroom cabinet to give you the answer,

Elegant is not complex, simple is not simple, low-key does not boast.

SS bathroom vanity

Fashion light luxury, high appearance level appearance

Atmospheric fashion design, let him become the presence of attention

Brushed metal door panels with stylish handles

Warm color atmosphere lamp foil, hidden in the art aesthetic

In the quiet atmosphere to create exciting life aesthetics

stainless steel bathroom cabinet

High-end metal spraying process

New waterproof stainless steel plate powder spraying process

Give the door a brushed metal finish

Feel delicate, metal luster does not fade

Better resistance to stain, wear and moisture

Higher flatness, easier to manage

SS bathroom vanity

Practical lighting art

Practical beauty makeup lighting, show your exquisite beauty

With cabinet display lights, highlight the high grade style

 stainless steel bathroom cabinet

Partition storage design

Reasonable and efficient storage partition bid farewell to life clutter

Double storage, built-in stainless steel plate

Pair with two large space drawers

Let the bathroom size items realize the classification arrangement

 SS bathroom vanity

Multi-size customization, there is always a suitable for you

Can be tailored to your home size

Add shelving and other different use modules

Meet the adaptation of different sizes of private bathroom space

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