What's the trend in ss bathroom vanity market in 2022?


2022 may not be the worst year for the bathroom industry, but it is a painful one. The epidemic makes the public consumption cautious, the sanitary ware industry is facing the industry reshuffle crisis, but in spite of various crises and challenges, the sanitary ware industry still has great opportunities.


Although the China stainless steel bathroom vanity industry is faced with structural overcapacity with disconnection between supply and demand, and a large number of low-end homogeneous products in excess demand, the demand for high-end sanitary ware is still huge, and the market size of sanitary ware shall not be underestimated. According to relevant statistics, in the past ten years, 14.7% of users have improved their space; There are 64.1% users willing to spend 5000-20000 yuan to decorate their toilet, consumers who willing to spend more than 20000 yuan reached 17.2%. At the same time, with the acceleration of urbanization, the continuous growth of the real estate industry and the need for the secondary decoration of the housing stock, sanitary ware has brought continuous market demand. In 2022, the bathroom industry is still a huge consumer potential.

 ss bathroom vanity

Brand is the bridge between enterprises and consumers

Brand is the connection between enterprises and consumers, which mainly solves the problem of consumers' mental cognition. If the brand awareness is high, it has the effect of reducing the cost. First of all, it can solve the problem of customer cost. There is a Chinese idiom called "attracted to the name", which is the brand effect; Secondly, to solve the problem of consumers' mental cognition, brands they have heard of and seen will naturally become the target of consumers' priority choice.


A good product has three values


Brand to solve the problem of awareness, the product is to solve the emotional problems of consumers. "No matter what product you sell, you have to solve the problem of consumer sentiment. In the home improvement industry, there is a saying, 'Stay an hour,' which means consumers are expected to stay in the store as long as possible. This is where consumer sentiment becomes critical. There are many factors that can affect consumer sentiment, but products are an effective way to address consumer sentiment."

 China stainless steel bathroom vanity

In fact, most of the time, when consumers buy a product, it is not because of how good the product is, but because of how good the product will make them, that is, the meaning and value the product can bring. Products should not only be able to meet the life needs of consumers, but also to meet the demands of consumer psychology. This is also why consumers like to look at the "appearance level" when buying products.


A good product must have three values: the first value is the user value, is to bring benefits to consumers, can solve the needs of consumers, this is a starting value; The second value is the commercial value, to have a stable realization of the ability; The third value is industry value, which has the power to reshape the definition of a product.

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